Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Olympics go fluoro

Gimme a two!

Gimme a zero!
Gimme a one!
Gimme… another two!

What have you got?

2012, goddamnit; you’ve got 2012!

The logo for the 2012 Olympic games has been revealed, much to the disgust of boring people everywhere, and it’s amazing for two reasons:

1) It’s pink.
2) It forgoes all that bollocks about somehow representing “the notion of sport” and the host city in favour of getting on with the very basic and important business of being pink.

There are other good points too. A quick glance at the logo means one can:

:: MARVEL at the angular design!
:: GASP IN SHOCK at the lower case text!!

:: WHOLEHEARTEDLY ENDORSE the pink and yellow colour scheme!!!

How very modern, I hear you say! How very ‘edgy’!

How very… 2007.

Better start hoping that current trends in fashion and design stay exactly the same for at least five years and that this ‘new rave’ thing turns out to be more than just a fad, eh?

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