Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Rihanna: attractive

Rihanna! She might not be able to sing particularly well or pronounce the word ‘umbrella’ but she is still incredibly sexy.

I came to this conclusion while watching a recent interview of hers where she basically spent five minutes taking the piss out of Alex Zane in her sultry Barbadian twang.

If you haven’t heard this woman’s (non-singing) voice, it truly is a thing of wonder.

From that moment I became convinced that Rihanna is the sexiest woman in the world and have since compiled a list of the sexiest things about her. It’s meta-sexy:

1) Sexy voice
2) Sexy hair (I know at least two people who’ve expressed a desire to copy it)
3) Sexy
4) Sexy ability to only look slightly ridiculous when playing on an Xbox 360 with a headset on (see picture above)
5) Sexy refusal to sing properly on her records
6) Sexy (and amazing) new album
7) Sexy starts to sound pretty weird the more you say it
8) Sexy clothes

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