Monday, 11 June 2007

Is this real?

Either way, it’s very apposite and quite brilliant.

It also got me thinking which other mediocre soap stars could name their autobiography after how they are known to 99% of people (because who actually knows the real name of anyone in these ’continuing dramas’? Not me that‘s for sure.)

Why not see if you can guess which soapstars these book titles might refer to?*

:: The Comedy Manc off Corrie
:: The One from Coronation Street Who Was Gay and Kissed Adam Rickett
:: The Wheelchair Guy Off Emmerdale
:: Eric Pollard
:: I Was In Doctors For Six Months
:: I Used To Be In Hollyoaks But Now I’m In Emmerdale

It even works for real celebrities too:

:: The Film Director Who Married Madonna
:: The Ginger One Out Of Girls Aloud
:: That Guy Who Spent Fucking Ages In Prison For No Reason Whatsoever


*because you’ve got better things to do, remember.

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