Saturday, 26 January 2008

You tube, I tube, everybody tubes

The downside to being such a hard-partying disco nightmare is that often, I forget things. Not important things like my name (unless I am utterly twatted), but stuff like when a programme is on telly, or when to write about amazing things I have seen on YouTube.

There now follows two YouTube videos that I meant to blog (and fuck off is that ever a verb) aaaaaaages ago. The first - either an impassioned anti-racism track or an account of an explosion round at Willy Wonka’s, however you choose to look at it - is a Stateside smash that has seen its mercurial star, the entirely amazing Tay Zonday, perform on Letterman and various other gosh-aren‘t-I-famous American talk shows.

The second is just a clever music video.


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