Thursday, 25 October 2007

Busier than Barlow in a Brothel

Phew! It has been a busy time for me ‘of late’.

A few weeks ago I was asked to interview a popstar for Popjustice. He was a very nice man. We talked about what the weather is like in LA and where he likes to go on holiday. You can read the results of my interview

A couple of days after that I went to
Clique, where I once again danced and drank far too much. Confirming most people’s view that I am indeed A Bloody Mess, I nevertheless fell in love that night, with a record I have played every day since.

(The beginning of the next sentence might rhyme depending on how you say it). The week after Clique (see?) I went to
Keys Money Lipstick with my good friend John. We drank. We danced. We went fucking crazy over a pinball machine. John didn’t know whether Martin out of the Tigerpicks was a boy or a girl (he is a boy). We went to Burger King at 2am and got into an argument minor discussion on the way home. Good times.

In between all this I was busy conducting an email interview with hot young girl group
The Real Heat, who always took ages to reply to anything, but were also always polite in their tardiness. The eventual results of my interview can be found in this article here.

With one eye on my inbox I headed out two weeks ago to the fashionable The Ting Tings’ launch party for their second single, ’Fruit Machine’, at Salford’s Islington Mill (literally an old mill). Once again I danced and drank too much, but I did manage to write a mini article about it, which you can read by clicking

The week after that I took it easy, heading to a private party to see everyone’s favourite power rockers
JOON do their stuff in aid of somebody’s birthday. I don’t know whose birthday it was, but by the end of the night it felt like mine all over again :(

While all this was going on, I dutifully maintained updates on the world’s greatest indiepopelectro blog - which, as you know by now - is
here. I also carried on going to work in the world’s greatest shithole - which, as you know by now - is here. On top of everything, I even found the time to get beaten up and robbed. What a busy bastard I have been.

I am not sure what I will do this weekend yet, but given that I currently feel as though I’ve been run over several times by the flu wagon - and have the most nagging cough OF ALL TIME - I might ‘do the sofa thing’. But, then again, it is Clique time again…

Nick Carter interview
The Real Heat interview
The Ting Tings article
hip young gunslinger


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