Sunday, 1 July 2007

That Fearne Cotton interview technique in full…

Following on from her insightful contribution to the BRIT Awards, which basically consisted of her telling various bands that she quite liked them, viewers of Sunday’s Concert For Diana were treated to two more weapons from Fearne Cotton’s armoury of investigative zingers.

Question #1:
“You have just played Wembley Stadium”.

Question #2:
“You are going to play Wembley Stadium”.

Add those to “I think you’re amazing - do you agree” and you will see why Sir David Frost is literally shitting into his tiny cotton shreds right at this very moment.

1 comment:

Konnie Huxtable Global said...

I was going to ask if I could hire the idiot and how much per hour.

But then I saw that revolting tattoo... actually there two revolting tattoos. Jesus.

Anyway, nice to meet someone else who finds it hard to tell the difference between Girls Aloud and God.

Me, I like French pop. Lots. Too much.