Sunday, 1 July 2007

Furnished with brilliance

A while back now I managed to unearth some lyrics written for a song which didn't make the final cut of the 411's classic debut album, 'Between The Sheets'.

It is now widely regarded as POP FACT, that had this track made it onto the album, the 411 would never have been dropped and would probably, at this moment, be bigger than Coldplay.

Sadly, it was never meant to be. The song was cut, the album flopped, the band dropped. Apparently some of them work in catering now, but that's largely unconfirmed rumour.

Still, it'll teach them to name their band after something COMPLETELY un-google-able, won’t it? Yes it will. Now, without further ado, the song.

'Please Help Us Furnish Our Home' by the 411.

Porch and patio,
lemon wallpaper.
Entrances -


Heated tiles,
envelope-catcher on the door.
Lounge - theme?
Pots, pans and porcelain things.

Upstairs, downstairs,
so much to do, so much to do.

Porch and patio,
lilac wallpaper?
Entrances -

Sources say it had a kind of hip-hop beat to it that was too soft for the US market, but too harsh for the UK one. “They ended up dumping it halfway in between”, remarked one record company insider. What a wag.

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