Monday, 28 May 2007

It's a Stitch Up!

A hidden-camera practical joke show where the stars are all children might sound like the worst idea since slavery, but when that show happens to be CBBC's ‘Stitch Up’ such prejudices quickly prove to be unfounded.

Basically it involves a group of kids going around playing stupid tricks on people, for their own sick kicks. It’s a bit like something Jeremy Beadle might have done, but without the withered hand. Or the beard.

What makes it so good is that the stunts are just silly, with not a hint of malice aimed at the participants, unlike the melee of “OMG DA PUBLIC R SO FUCKIN STUPID LET‘S MESS THEIR SHIT UP COS THEY OBJECT 2 SEX IN PUBLIC AND DON‘T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE A CELEBRITY!!!!!11”-type shows that have sprung up post-Trigger Happy.

For this reason alone, ‘Stitch Up’ towers head and shoulders over cretinous bollocks like ‘Balls of Steel’ (which is basically an exercise in being nasty to strangers, and remains the absolute worst programme on television).

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